Understanding the role of Zostera meadows in maintaining seafood resource populations under a climate change scenario.


The ZEUS project will investigate the role of Zostera noltei intertidal beds as nursery areas and adult habitats for three commercial clam species, and as habitats that favour the response of different clam species to heat waves and fluctuations in salinity conditions. As the positive effect may be bidirectional, the possible effects of clams on Zostera will also be studied.


Furthermore, using various modelling approaches, ZEUS will assess the contribution of Zostera beds to the sustainability of clam populations and changes in the economic value of this habitat for shellfish resources under a climate change scenario.


Zostera noltei beds will be studied in the Rías of Pontevedra, Arousa and Muros. In these areas there are important shellfish beds such as those of Cambados, Combarro and Testal.


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