Navigating TIDES – Transformative Initiatives Driving Equity and Sustainability in our Oceans

Our oceans and seas provide food security and livelihoods for millions of people worldwide, and shape cultures and people’s identities. However, they also face unprecedented sustainability challenges stemming from human activities and climate change. These pressures are exacerbated by different forms of inequality. To overcome these challenges and achieve sustainable, equal and resilient futures for our oceans, we need to deeply transform the current system.


One possible way to foster positive changes to desirable futures of our oceans are networking platforms of initiatives, something we call TIDES – Transformative Initiatives Driving Equity and Sustainability in our Oceans. TIDES are initiatives that are created by, and further motivated, individuals, communities, or societies to take collective action in favour of our oceans and marine resources and for the people to rely on them – now and in the future.  


TIDES can be projects, associations, networks, or any other type of initiative, promoted by the public or private sectors that have already generated or have the potential to foster positive transformations towards desirable futures for our oceans. 


As part of the EQUALSEA project, funded by the European Research Council, we are identifying, mapping, and navigating the different transformation pathways through initiatives in a variety of marine realms implemented in different regions, scales and contexts around the world.


We regularly do substantial efforts to ensure the accuracy of the information. However, EqualSea does not guarantee that all information on this website is accurate and updated. We welcome comments on the accuracy of the data provided. Only data that has undergone a moderation process is publicly available on this website. Moderation involves a process of checking for errors and updating the status of initiatives.


This map shows the initiatives currently collected, and it will be periodically updated:

Do you know an initiative that contributes to a sustainable and equitable ocean? You can engage and increase the visibility of your initiative by submitting it to be included on the TIDES platform. We encourage you to do so by answering this short survey, which takes about 15-20 minutes to complete.


Together, we can make the difference for a more sustainable and equal sea!


Thank you for your contribution!

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