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The 20th IIFET Biennial Conference brings together in Vigo the world’s leading experts in fisheries economics studies

The Mar de Vigo Auditorium will host, between Monday 18 and Friday 22 July, the 20th Biennial Conference of the International Institute of Fisheries Economics & Trade (IIFET). This global organization, which has more than 700 members in 65 countries, brings together in Vigo more than 200 researchers on economics and management of fisheries, seafood trade and aquaculture. 

The conference, initially planned for the summer of 2020, had been postponed due to the covid pandemic. It will take place this week in the city of Vigo, one of the most important fishing ports in the world, and will attract dozens of researchers from all over the world who will share four days of work. The organizing committee is made up of Mª Dolores Garza-Gil (University of Vigo), José Fernández Polanco (University of Cantabria), Fernando González Laxe (University of A Coruña), and Sebastián Villasante (University of Santiago de Compostela), director of the EqualSea Lab. 

“Managing a changing environment”

The motto of the IIFET Congress is “Managing a changing environment”, referring to the need to address critical issues in the sustainable use of marine resources and ensure the future of the millions of people who work in production of food from the sea. The event becomes more relevant as it is celebrated during the International Year of Artisanal Fishing in 2022, declared by the United Nations.

The IIFET conference will address important advances in seafood trade research, aquaculture and fisheries management from a diverse perspective, with fisheries and social science experts, managers and industry representatives from around the world. 

The meeting will begin on Monday 18 with the “Industry & Policy Day”, which will bring together experts from the sector and international organizations, such as the FAO. Between Tuesday and Thursday scientific sessions will be held, in which researchers from various countries will present their research. In addition, several prominent speakers, considered international references in scientific studies of fisheries economics, will intervene in Vigo, such as Ragnar Arnason, Gunnar Knapp, Rashid Sumaila, Jon Sutinen, Martin Smith and Juan Carlos Seijo.

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