Monalisa Silva


Monalisa Silva has a formation in Ecology and her curiosity about the relationships between humans and nature guided her to the Human Ecology and Social Science areas. She is interested in understanding the relationships between social and ecological systems, and the factors that shape fisheries management and fishers’ adaptations. Her past projects focused on the coastal vulnerability and the social-ecological resilience of fishers, the management potential of fishing communities, as well as on the fishers’ perceptions and adaptations. Currently, she is a postdoctoral researcher at VT University (Leandro Castello’s lab). She works as a collaborating researcher in the research group Fishing Ecology, Management, and Economics (FEME Group/UFRN), and she is a collaborator of the Knowledge Mobilization WG (V2V Global Partnership) and of the Resilience WG (Rede Pacto Futuro/Brazil).