Katina Roumbedakis

Katina Roumbedakis is a Research Associate linked to the project EQUALSEA – “Transformative adaptation towards ocean equity” at the EqualSea Lab. She is a biologist by training, with a Master (2011) and PhD (2019) in Aquaculture. Her research has increasingly been interdisciplinary and is guided to improve small-scale fisheries sustainability, marine resource management, governance, communities livelihoods and social equity. She is a member of the Working Groups on Cephalopod Fisheries and Life History (WGCEPH) and Social Indicators (WGSOCIAL) of the International Council for the Exploration of the Sea (ICES).


Along her career, Katina has collaborated with researchers from several institutions worldwide, organising and teaching courses, supervising students and participating in evaluation committees and outreach activities. At the Equalsea Lab, she is contributing to map and evaluate transformative initiatives, analyse the perceptions of equity in fishing communities and assess vulnerabilities along small-scale fisheries value chains.

Research lines

Research lines and interests include sustainable use of marine resources, fisheries socio-economics, fisheries management, small-scale fisheries, animal welfare, marine conservation, and ocean equity.