Ignacio Gianelli

Ignacio is a doctoral student at the EqualSea Lab at the University of Santiago de Compostela, Spain. He is interested in marine social-ecological systems, fisheries management, the human dimension of fisheries, and the role of distal and proximate drivers in shaping human-oceans relationships.


During his Ph.D., Ignacio will explore and foster transformative changes in marine social-ecological systems, particularly in small-scale fisheries. Using case studies in Uruguay and Spain, he will analyze how institutional factors and emergent processes from innovative sustainability initiatives in small-scale fisheries contribute to more sustainable trajectories for ocean-dependent communities. He aims to co-create transformative spaces in which to envision plural, possible and desirable futures for small-scale fisheries.


His research involves epistemological agility, transdisciplinary networking, and the use of diverse tools to promote sustainability transformations in marine social-ecological systems. Before his Ph.D., Ignacio completed a B.Sc. and M.Sc. at the Marine Science Unit (Uruguay) analyzing co-management practices in small-scale fisheries and the role of this governance system in climate change adaptation. He also worked as a specialist in fisheries resource assessment for a government fisheries institute in Uruguay (DINARA).

Research lines

Transformative changes in social-ecological systems, with special emphasis on small-scale fisheries.


Conservation and management of coastal marine invertebrate fisheries.


 Effects of climate change on fisheries in the Southwest Atlantic (29°-41°S).