Ana Tubío

Dr. Ana Tubío, PhD in biology from the University of A Coruña, is currently contracted in the project EQUALSEA led by Dr. Villasante. During her professional career, she has worked in the three Galician universities (University of A Coruña, University of Vigo, and USC), as well as in the Fundación Universidade de A Coruña. She has carried out research stays at the University of Murcia, the University of Açores and several NGOs in Nicaragua, Honduras, and El Salvador. She has participated in more than 15 research projects, is co-author of 5 scientific articles in SCI journals, has presented more than 20 communications to national and international congresses, and has given several conferences to disseminate scientific knowledge.


On the other hand, she has organized several scientific events, aimed at the fishing sector, researchers, and the public, and has extensive experience in surveys with different stakeholders. She has a multidisciplinary professional career with relevant research experience in the field of marine ecology, SSF, especially artisanal ones, and marine reserves. In the private sector, she has worked as an aquarist at the Aquarium Finisterrae in A Coruña and at the Museo do Mar in Vigo and has technical background in the field of diving and nautical science.

Research lines

Research lines and interests include sustainable use of marine resources, marine protected areas, small-scale fisheries, fisheries management, fisheries socio-economics and ocean equity.