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How Important are Social Networks in Times of Environmental Crises?


Kriegl, M. et al. (including Kochalski, S.) (2021). easy_social_sciences.




Around the globe, extreme weather events like storms, droughts and floods get stronger and hit more often. In their struggle to overcome the impacts of such disasters, natural resource users (fishers, farmers) depend on knowledge and support coming from both within and outside their communities. To answer the question ‘how to cope with crises?’, we therefore have to find out ‘whom to turn to when disasters hit’. We provide insights into two examples of ongoing research that investigate the role of fishers and farmers’ social networks when dealing with and recovering from environmental disasters that brought drastic change to their respective communities in Peru and Bangladesh. Our findings indicate that the number and diversity of connections is crucial for coping with crises, and suggest the need for further research on the ways social networks are shaping individual and community responses to environmental impacts

2021, Publications
easy_social_sciences, Sophia Kochalski