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Catálogo Transformador de la Pesca Artesanal. Ciclo: “Saberes sobre la mesa. Hacia sistemas y prácticas alimentarias sostenibles”


Gianelli, I. et al. (including Villasante, S.) (2021).. Instituto Sudamericano para Estudios sobre Resiliencia y Sostenibilidad (SARAS), Maldonado, Uruguay.


The Small-Scale Fisheries Transformative Catalog (Catálogo Transformador de la Pesca Artesanal) consists of a collection of stories that intertwine experiential experiences and narrative prose to understand the who, how and why behind each seed of change in small-scale fisheries of Uruguay. The purpose of the catalog is to disseminate the efforts that are currently being made, to promote synergies and to envision plural, plausible and promising futures for small-scale fisheries. In the catalog, we use storytelling to teach a broad audience about the world of fishes, fishers and aquatic environments. With each story, we dare to imagine small-scale fishing as the protagonist of the food system and place special emphasis on innovative initiatives and the strategies to implement them: new ways of perceiving the fishing activity; new ways of revaluing small-scale fisheries; new ways of linking fishing and gastronomy; new technologies to reduce the environmental impact of fishing; new ways of ensuring optimal food quality; and new ways of knowledge co-production.

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2021, Technical Reports
Ignacio Gianelli, Sebastián Villasante