Milena Arias Schreiber


Center for Sea and Society, University of Gothenburg


The aim of the project is to harness knowledge to determine the cumulative effects of socio-environmental factors hampering the sustainability of coastal fisheries in Sweden. The project will apply inter and transdisciplinary approaches to identify whether and how coastal fisheries can develop into a viable and environmentally responsible industry, and investigate mechanisms by which research findings are summarised for fisheries policy purposes.


A transformation towards sustainable coastal fisheries is the focus of this project, in particular for uplifting rural coastal economies, meeting an increasing demand for locally produced seafood without jeopardizing the health of the planet, and understanding the science-policy nexus for natural resources management.


The goals of this project are:


– To assess past and present spatial-temporal variability and climate change scenarios for commercially important Swedish coastal fish stocks.

– To co-produce with stakeholders, synergetic visions and pathways for the viability of the coastal fishing industry under the implementation of the Blue Growth strategy in Sweden.

– To assess methods used to synthesise fisheries and marine environmental research for policy decision-making.

Team members