Sebastián Villasante, Simone Libralato (OSG)


European Commission


The EU-funded AtlantECO project aims to develop and apply a novel, unifying framework that provides knowledge-based resources for a better understanding and management of the Atlantic Ocean and its ecosystem services. AtlantECO will engage with citizens and actors from the industry and policy sectors in order to stimulate responsible behaviour and Blue Growth.

A healthy ocean sustainably delivers a range of benefits to people now and in the future. EqualSea Lab is co-leading Work Package 3 (WP3), focused on Marine ecosystem health & services. This includes conducting a regional Ocean Health Index (OHI+), using local data to measure the status of 10 Goals which describe the benefits that Galicians receive from the ocean: Food Provision; Artisanal Fishing Opportunities; Natural Products; Carbon Storage: Coastal Protection; Livelihoods & Economies: Tourism & Recreation; Sense of Place; Clean Waters; and Biodiversity. Related to this, the team is conducting a citizen consultation to find out people’s perceptions about healthy oceans around Galicia,  available here.

We will also be gathering data about the cultural values of important iconic sites around the Atlantic Ocean, including in Galicia, Brazil and Africa.

Also in Africa, a PhD candidate in our team is leading a case study to evaluate the impacts of climate change and plastics across the small-scale fisheries value chain in Cape Verde.

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