NET-TAG (2019-2021)

Tagging fishing gears and enhancing on board best-practices to promote waste free fisheries — European Maritime and Fisheries Fund (EASME).


NetTag project aimed to reduce and prevent marine litter derived from fisheries by working directly with fishers through an integrative preventive approach including:
(1) reducing lost gear by using new technologies (acoustic localisation system) that help fishermen to locate and recover lost gear; and
(2) promoting better practices on the management of fishing waste through awareness raising actions organised by fishers associations for fishermen.


NetTag developed new technologies to track fishing gears in case gears got lost, fostering a reduction of lost gears. The technology included low cost, miniature and environmental-friendly acoustic tags and acoustic transceivers for uniquely localization (with fisher’s personal ID) of lost gear and an automated-short-range robotic recovery system.


The project is based on synergistic activities between fishers and scientists to pilot innovative solutions to tackle the urgent need of reduction and prevention of marine litter.


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